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A pilgrimage completed, a champion crowned

For the sandwich faithful, certain holy sites are mandatory visits for the truly devoted. I'm told Miami has the best Cuban sandwiches outside of their namesake. Pittsburgh is home to Primanti Brothers' mandatory meat/slaw/eggs/fries/etc. sandwich. And in New York City, one has lots of choices, but I'd heard the top sandy destination is Katz's Deli for their pastrami on rye. With visitors Kyle and Jamie (who took the picture ) in town, the time had come to pay homage to Mr. Katz and his fabulous sandwiches. We went, and it was better than I'd dreamed. Have you had a pastrami on rye? Pretty good, right? Especially with some Boar's Head meat. But it's not even in the same league as this thing. It's not the quantity Katz gives you, although that's impressive, but the hot juiciness of the meat. Here's the deal. You get a ticket, and walk up to the sandwich counter. The sandychef asks you what you want, and you say a pastrami sandwich. He carve

Does your favorite sandwich determine your personality?

No, it definitely doesn't. But that didn't stop the Chicago Tribune from giving credence to a mayonaise-funded study linking sandwich preferences to personality types. In theory, I like this. This sentence, in particular, really appeals to me: "Forget the fact that you're a Scorpio or that you were born in the year of the ox, and see what sandwich matches your personality and romantic compatibility." As far as romantic compatibility goes, I put more faith in sandy-tastes than I do in what month people were born in. But this study is idiotic. According to Hellmann's (east of the Rockies)/Best Foods (west of them) mayonaise, ham and cheese eaters are "curious and intuitively oriented," chicken salad fans are "the perfect spouse" and tuna salad people are "competitive and driven." Bullshit. But fun study, nonetheless. Being an egg salad lover, that makes me "entertaining, lively, energetic" and I "thrive a

Bears love sandwiches

KARE11: NJ man says bear attacked him for his sandwich I don't have much to say about this. Anyone who's watched a good number of Hanna-Barbera cartoons understands that bears love sandwiches. Anyone who's anyone knows that bears, in real life, are the stone cold crazy badasses of the animal kingdom. So this article comes as no surprise. A dude in Jersey had a sandwich. A bear wanted that sandwich and took it. Simple bear-logic in action. If you watch the video, you'll see the victim's telling of the story. He says: "I weigh 180 pounds and this thing knocked me down like nothing ... like a rag doll." I think the lesson here is, don't let your guard down, because at any moment, you can be betrayed by nature . If you venture into the wild depths of Sussex County, for god's sake keep an eye on your sandwiches, people.

Dunkin's Waffle Breakfast Sandwich reviewed

Hi, everybody. I figure it's about time to start blogging about sandwiches again. I have a bunch of unpublished drafts sitting around, so I'm going to start (barely) polishing them up and posting them before writing anything new. What's new? Well, I ate a gravy and cheese turkey sandwich today, for one thing. That was pretty good. It was excellent, in fact. What else? Not much. I'm still living in New York City and still eating lots of sandwiches. I'm trying to eat more salads despite the fact that I kind of hate salads. I won't let that get in the way of this blog. Here's my review of DnD's waffle sandy. I'm going to go ahead and just publish the notes since they're already organized and because I've no motivation to deal with paragraphs right now. But basically, this sandwich was kinda crappy . Not everyone feels this way, but from my sandwich-learned viewpoint, it's a case of the whole being less than the sum of its parts – not a goo