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Thanksgiving is here once again

It's hard to compete with Christmas' presents, but Thanksgiving makes a strong case for Best Holiday . I'm thankful for a lot of things, but right now, I'm thankful for Thanksgiving itself. Kinda meta in a folksy way. I'm listening to Talking Heads and awaiting a traditional home cooked turkey meal prepared by my mom in Connecticut before heading to Denver to see my dad and eat more. I'm also procrastinating on my NaNoWriMo novel, but this is important. Thanksgiving plays an important role in sandwichdom. It's the only holiday that generates sandwiches, and that's worth noting. Thanksgiving is awesome because it revolves around a meal. July 4th and its fireworks are hard to beat, but a holiday that's centered by eating a giant feast is too rare in the U.S. If there's ever a holiday named after me, I want it to be known that I wish it to be celebrated by eating as much as possible and watching not football, but hockey. I went on to Flickr

Sandwich Alley: Soon enough, friend

OK, today's Serious Eats newsletter put me over the top. I have to say something. Today's SE email had a link to their article about Bleecker between 6th and 7th Ave., what they call New York's "Sandwich Alley." I've never dined there that I recall. They talked about Murray's (where I've only eaten ice cream) grilled cheeses, lobster rolls (my most memorable came from McDonald's in Boston) and what they claim to be "the best sandwich in Sandwich Alley." Oh I am slacking. Why? Lots of reasons. I do have about six sandwich articles hibernating in my drafts pile. They're waiting for me to edit them, but I've opted not to for the last few months, citing business reasons, also, laziness. If you're curious, my most recent ones unwritten posts are about pregnancy, Hawaiians and peanut butter. They may never see the light of day. Meanwhile, my tomato sandwich post is completely outdated, having passed its seasonal relevancy for 200