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Wawa foreshadows sandwiches' robotic future

Let me back up. If you live in Pennsylvania you're probably on board, but I imagine several people are already wondering who Wawa is. Wawa is 7/11's cousin who lives Back East. It's a pioneering chain of convenience stores with origins in the early 1800s. Once a humble, one-shop purveyor of pork and cheese, Wawa has grown to become perhaps the region's greatest purveyor of pork and cheese. With that stature came influence, which Wawa has used to advance its pro-hoagie agenda. Indeed, despite the prominence of the cheesesteak, Wawa somehow convinced Philadelphia to name the hoagie — the chain's trademark sammy — its Official Sandwich. Capital Letters and all! For all my time spent sandwich blogging, this is the first I've even heard of an Official Sandwich. I asked the internets about it and they said this isn't a unique case. In fact, the Fluffernutter may be the official sandwich of Massachusetts , and the Big Mac was once positioned as the Official Sa


Following a hiatus in which I was mad busy, I feel compelled to make time for sandwich blogging. Young upstarts are coming with better, more relevant reviews , and I need to step up my game. Eventually. For now, I'll content myself with posting old, unfinished content with a bit of polish to make it presentable. To bring you up to date, since my post lamenting my iPad envy, I've somehow acquired one myself. Now I too have the Amazing Sandwiches app. Is it as amazing as its title suggests? Maybe. You'll have to wait for my exclusive (doubtful) review to find out! That review is coming ... now. It's not that amazing. But it's full of pretty sandwich pics. To their credit, they do run an amazing blog , and having an iPad app is more a feather in their cap than a practical offering for sandy eaters to use. Frankly, I'm too busy playing Osmos and managing my fantasy football team and T-Paining songs to be bothered. Yes, I'm in a sandwich malaise, but I ca