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Tongue in cheek dislodging Wonder Bread and peanut butter

Thinking about sandwiches? Read about them, too, here. I eat sandwiches, then review them on the internet. I need to do a bit of backblogging ... I wrote but never published the first two sandwich reviews months ago. The first entry is gone. I ate a Hell's Kitchen sandwich at Heidi's Brooklyn Deli. It was eggy as a chicken coop and spicy to boot. That's all you need to know about that sandwich. Unless I find the review, then you can learn more.

Heidi’s “Bronx Bomber” an explosion of flavor

Last week’s review of Heidi’s “Hell’s Kitchen” was so well received that I decided a return visit was in order. But with over thirty tempting choices, which of the popular Denver-based sandwich chain’s creations should I try next? After being denied the Cajun Crab Cake sandwich at the Colorado Blvd. location (they were closing soon and had run out of crab cakes), I blurted out the first interesting-looking sandwich I spotted. “I’ll have a ‘Bronx Bomber,’” I said. The “B ronx Bomber” is another egg-centric double-fister that’s sure to please yolk-lovers everywhere. As I noted last week, the flavor of the “Hell’s Kitchen” was dominated by Heidi’s substantially spicy cajun sauce. That’s a good thing if you’re looking for a sandwich with a hellacious kick, but sandwichers looking to enjoy the subtle mix of avocado, egg and bacon will walk away disappointed. Not so with the “Bronx Bomber.” This sandwich gives center stage to its ovular star, and Heidi’s high quality pastrami gives a notic