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Dunkin' Donuts has been tempting me lately with its ads for its Waffle Breakfast Sandwich . I dispute its claim that it represents a "homemade" taste. Maybe it's just my home, but it's never occurred to me to use waffles as bread before. Granted, I used to eat waffle tacos in college, but that's different. Waffle Tacos recipe: Toast two waffles, apply a moderate amount of maple syrup to their centers, then fold in half, taco-style, and enjoy, preferably with white wine for maximum alliteration. This waffle sandwich is something else. It's not my first encounter with such a thing; I've eaten a similar breakfast sandwich once at Le Peep I believe. But that was on a whim. Now I'm faced with this thing every morning at my hungriest hour (from 8 to 9 a.m.) and my will is weakening. Expect a review soon.