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Tasty Oily Meat and Chee

On Friday, March 9, I ate a turkey sandwich I'd packed for lunch. I'd picked up some Boar's Head — that's the stuff they use at sandwich haven Spicy Pickle — meat and cheese from Sunflower Market and wanted to put it to good use. The resulting sandy consisted of Sarah Lee Hearty and Delicious Whole Grain White bread, Boar's Head Muenster cheese (three slices), Boar's Head Buffalo-style turkey, Louisiana Fish Fry Products Remoulade dressing and a few shakes of Tabasco sauce. The photos are currently missing, but imagine two equal stacks of meat and cheese between some white bread that was stained red on top thanks to the sauce soaking through. This sandy could have used some tomatoes or some crisp veggie to cut the cheese taste, which was the dominant flavor. Otherwise, the flavors blended together quite well and the bread matched nicely. But, after three days in the fridge, the oil from the light red Remoulade dressing had seeped into bread. The sandwich still