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Guest Post: A panini lunch

This post penned by friend-of-sandwiches @lauren816 , of Bucks County, Penn. Thanks for the guest contribution! Have you eaten a sandwich recently? Want to review it for the blog? Have your people talk to my people, and by that I mean email or tweet or whatever me. First of all, this is my first blog post in a very long time, and most definitely my first blog post relating to sandwiches, so go easy on me, sandwich-people. Don’t get me wrong, I love sandwiches ... many of them at least, but I never thought about blogging about them. Of course that was before I was introduced to this blog by owner/editor @alexheadrick . So, after eating a panini at my first office lunch outing in about a year, I felt I could finally provide a decent sandwich review that just might be blog-worthy. My group wanted to go to an old favorite, Houlihan’s , where I would have gotten the best baked potato soup ever, but as fate would have it, our beloved Houlihan’s at the end of the road in Warring

Breaking news: The Albuquerque turkey is officially the "best sandwich"

Once upon a time in Puerto Rico, the now-newlyweds at told me about a service called ChaCha . In short, you text a question to 242242, and your phone will magically text you back with the answer. I forget how it works exactly, but I feel it's best to just take it at face value. That means asking ChaCha questions with the assumption you're communing directly with God. This adds weight and significance to what is otherwise a phone-based search engine powered by underpaid and questionably qualified human employees. Not to slam ChaCha -- bear in mind I know very little about them. My technique isn't unique or as crazy as it sounds, either. A brief glance at their recent search history revealed well over 1,000 texts to the service asking "Are you God?" Wait, isn't this a sandwich blog? What's with all the God talk? Good question, imaginary person. The answer? We try to answer the big questions here at It's What's Between, and speaking

Chick-fil-a: One of the better excuses for visiting Orlando

While I'm posting old content, here's a photo of a Chick-fil-A classic chicken sandwich with Polynesian sauce I enjoyed while at Orlando International Airport this summer. If you find yourself at MCO for any extended period of time, do yourself a favor and order a #1 with Dr. Pepper. Be sure to tell 'em I sent ya. They won't know what you're talking about, but please tell them anyway.

Wawa foreshadows sandwiches' robotic future

Let me back up. If you live in Pennsylvania you're probably on board, but I imagine several people are already wondering who Wawa is. Wawa is 7/11's cousin who lives Back East. It's a pioneering chain of convenience stores with origins in the early 1800s. Once a humble, one-shop purveyor of pork and cheese, Wawa has grown to become perhaps the region's greatest purveyor of pork and cheese. With that stature came influence, which Wawa has used to advance its pro-hoagie agenda. Indeed, despite the prominence of the cheesesteak, Wawa somehow convinced Philadelphia to name the hoagie — the chain's trademark sammy — its Official Sandwich. Capital Letters and all! For all my time spent sandwich blogging, this is the first I've even heard of an Official Sandwich. I asked the internets about it and they said this isn't a unique case. In fact, the Fluffernutter may be the official sandwich of Massachusetts , and the Big Mac was once positioned as the Official Sa


Following a hiatus in which I was mad busy, I feel compelled to make time for sandwich blogging. Young upstarts are coming with better, more relevant reviews , and I need to step up my game. Eventually. For now, I'll content myself with posting old, unfinished content with a bit of polish to make it presentable. To bring you up to date, since my post lamenting my iPad envy, I've somehow acquired one myself. Now I too have the Amazing Sandwiches app. Is it as amazing as its title suggests? Maybe. You'll have to wait for my exclusive (doubtful) review to find out! That review is coming ... now. It's not that amazing. But it's full of pretty sandwich pics. To their credit, they do run an amazing blog , and having an iPad app is more a feather in their cap than a practical offering for sandy eaters to use. Frankly, I'm too busy playing Osmos and managing my fantasy football team and T-Paining songs to be bothered. Yes, I'm in a sandwich malaise, but I ca

Staying on top of things (also, curse you, iPad)

I am not an early adopter. I thought the iPod was stupid only to become beholden to it years later. I've gone through this with a wide range of techy things, from foursquare to twitter to cell phones. So here I sit, broken-hearted and without an iPad. I ridiculed the thing in my mind, deeming it a pointless,  overgrown iPod. Thankfully, I have friends to show me the error of my ways. Of note, @MHJohnston has shown me -- in a matter of minutes -- why I need an iPad. Will I actually buy an iPad? No. I can't. But damn if I don't want to. Mr. Morgan showed me the ways it turns your Facebook and Twitter feeds into perfectly laid out magazines, and now this ... he unveils the sandwich app. You can now access the Amazing Sandwiches app on your iPad, which basically conjures up photos of incredible sandwiches and dares you to make better ones. I didn't need this, Steve Jobs. I reluctantly acquired your iPod, then your MacBook, and now? I'm hooked, OK? I'm

Catching up

Thank you to everyone who has continued to check in and send me sandwich news while I take a break from the blog to devote my downtime elsewhere. I've received an amazing number of sandwich links from friends of the blog, and I'm working my way though them now. The most urgent update is New York mag's Dream Come True sweepstakes , due to three-way combination of people's suggestions, my tardiness and the sweepstakes' awesomeness. Sandyfriends Trisha and Stu both tipped me off, as did others whose emails are unfindable. Win the thing and you'll get a sandwich a day for a year. I have a lot of dreams I'd like to come true, but I won't deny that daily sandwiches rank highly on the list. The entry cost for the drawing is looking at NYC's 101 best sandwiches (according to New York magazine). I'm a fan of their Grub Street section, and also stumbled on this impressively definitive list. I'm also ashamed to say they're leading the NY sand

Is a Footlong Burger Sub Disgusting?

Vote here: For the record, the answer is "yes." This gets into the "is a burger a sandwich?" debate, and this thing is somewhere in between. In general, a burger is not a sandwich -- it is a burger. But three burger patties on a sub roll? I say that's a sandwich. Thanks for the tip, Michael.

It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

If you know me personally then you may know that I've spent a sizable amount of time professionally editing and uploading photographs of cake. Its not often that I get to do so for leisure, so its with great joy that I present to you: the peanut butter and jelly sandwich cake. This beauty is in fact a cake, but it's also rightly a sandwich. You might call it a mash-up of food genres — a dessert sandy. A cakewich (not to be confused with The Broodwich ). The cake was thoughtfully prepared by some loved ones one spring weekend. I can't think of a more appropriate cake given my studies in the field of sandwiching and friend-of-the-blog Lauren's PB&J'expertise. Eating a slice of the sandwich wasn't much different from eating a normal PB&J. It was more decadent and tasty than its common inspiration, but it felt to me more like eating lunch than dessert. This made it too easy to justify eating a leftover slice for dinner, thinking "there's nothin

McCriollo: The Puerto Rican Egg McMuffin

36 drafted, unpublished posts and and half a year down ... it's time to start posting again. Let's start simple, with breakfast sandwiches and cultural differences. Last weekend, I went to Puerto Rico on a work trip, and had breakfast at the airport's McDonald's on my way back home . I really wanted an EggMcMuffin -- a favorite I haven't had in a long time. Yet the #1 combo on the menu offered only the mysterious "McCriollo," and there were no English Muffin sandwiches to be found. Apparently the advantages gained by the English muffin's nooks and crannies are under appreciated in the island of enchantment. Undeterred, I took the opportunity to find out what San Juan had to offer in the spongy anglo-muffin's stead. The McCriollo turned out to be about the same as an EggMcMuffin except on a decent chewy/crispy split bun. The name translates to "McCreole," which may make more sense in Puerto Rico, but sounded like wishful marketing to