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Guest Post: A panini lunch

This post penned by friend-of-sandwiches @lauren816 , of Bucks County, Penn. Thanks for the guest contribution! Have you eaten a sandwich recently? Want to review it for the blog? Have your people talk to my people, and by that I mean email or tweet or whatever me. First of all, this is my first blog post in a very long time, and most definitely my first blog post relating to sandwiches, so go easy on me, sandwich-people. Don’t get me wrong, I love sandwiches ... many of them at least, but I never thought about blogging about them. Of course that was before I was introduced to this blog by owner/editor @alexheadrick . So, after eating a panini at my first office lunch outing in about a year, I felt I could finally provide a decent sandwich review that just might be blog-worthy. My group wanted to go to an old favorite, Houlihan’s , where I would have gotten the best baked potato soup ever, but as fate would have it, our beloved Houlihan’s at the end of the road in Warring

Breaking news: The Albuquerque turkey is officially the "best sandwich"

Once upon a time in Puerto Rico, the now-newlyweds at told me about a service called ChaCha . In short, you text a question to 242242, and your phone will magically text you back with the answer. I forget how it works exactly, but I feel it's best to just take it at face value. That means asking ChaCha questions with the assumption you're communing directly with God. This adds weight and significance to what is otherwise a phone-based search engine powered by underpaid and questionably qualified human employees. Not to slam ChaCha -- bear in mind I know very little about them. My technique isn't unique or as crazy as it sounds, either. A brief glance at their recent search history revealed well over 1,000 texts to the service asking "Are you God?" Wait, isn't this a sandwich blog? What's with all the God talk? Good question, imaginary person. The answer? We try to answer the big questions here at It's What's Between, and speaking

Chick-fil-a: One of the better excuses for visiting Orlando

While I'm posting old content, here's a photo of a Chick-fil-A classic chicken sandwich with Polynesian sauce I enjoyed while at Orlando International Airport this summer. If you find yourself at MCO for any extended period of time, do yourself a favor and order a #1 with Dr. Pepper. Be sure to tell 'em I sent ya. They won't know what you're talking about, but please tell them anyway.