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Grinders and grinders, grinders and grinders

It’s What’s Between has finally arrived in the vaunted East, only to discover a dearth of well-paying sandwich review jobs. Therefore, we've set up in delightfully affordable Plainville, Conn. while we continue our hunt for blog funding. Although far from the sandytopia that is our eventual destination — New York City — central Connecticut has no shortage of sandwiches. The sandies are different here. Gone are the Quiznos of our former Colorado HQ. In their place are D’Angelos, which we remember fondly from our year of sandwich-eating in Boston following the turn of the century. D’Angelo is best known, to us anyway, for their reliable hot pastrami subs (grinders) and wildly short-sighted production of zillions of plastic Drew Bledsoe promotional giveaways a few months before the Patriots' first of many Super Bowl victories. Readers may recall it was not Drew Bledsoe, but rather TV's Tom Brady who would lead the Pats to NFL dominance, this year's humiliating failure ex