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Once, "Gourmet" Meant Something

Gourmet Sub Sandwich This was the second straight exercise in sandwich name deception I feel victim to this week. This one was far less egregious and left me less rage-filled than yesterday’s offering. It came from a reliable gas station with overpriced gas. The sandy consisted of Turkey, roast beef, ham and cheese (cheddar, I think, and another unspecified white cheese, maybe swiss?) on a hoagie bun. The turkey had a potent black pepper crust on its edges and looked a bit sketchy coloration-wise in parts. Roast beef was mostly high-quality, with a few tiny spots of gasoline-like iridescence. The ham was the iffiest — it was kind of blotchy in parts. Part of me though the offcolored meat was a good sign; maybe this was real meat rather than the overly processed stepford-wives uniformity found with that circular deli meat you get in the circular hanging plastic meat containers by the American cheese singles at the supermercado . The meat was stacked as follows: roast beef (dark br

Pa-no-no: Do Not Trust Southwestering Offerings from Men Named Philipe

Philipe's Southwest Chicken Panini Gourmet Sandwich How many cooler case sandwiches do you think they have for sale at Walgreens? Some of the dingiest gas stations in town carry four or five, so I figured Walgreens, with its wall of well-stocked coolers, would have about 15 to pick from. I was wrong. Not counting burritos (and what deranged Sandy Soul would?), my local Walgreens offered a measly two sandwiches. Given that I was buying groceries at an establishment specializing in selling sub-WalMart quality plastic crap (i.e., the shambled remains of my $6 shower curtain), I was clearly in a desperate, lunchless situation. I had to choose one of the sandwiches. Both were Philipe's-brand frozen paninis ( panini , for you damned Italian sticklers). I've been impressed in the past by what silver grilling surface technology has done for microwavable foods (e.g., Lean Cuisine paninis , Bagel Bites , etc.), so I had somewhat high hopes for this sandwich. "I like panini

Back in the Game like John McCain

It's What's Between — one of the Web's better sandyblogs — is back. We apologize for the posting hiatus, but you're going to feel really bad once you find out why so ... not that sorry. You see, our former Editor, The Earlduke of Sandwieche, was fatally killed to death in an exceptionally gory Sandwich Incident. It's too gruesome to explain in a family sandyblog, but the important thing to take away is that he's not coming back, at least in any recognizable form. But every sandwich death has a silver lining, and this one is no exception. We're excited to announce our new Editor: Alex Headrick. Alex has spent years eating sandwiches and is therefore well qualified for the job. "I'm thrilled to join the team and can't wait to get my hands dirty with ink and sandwich drippings," Alex said in a prepared statement. Indeed. Gross, but indeed. Welcome aboard, asshole!