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Free sandwiches: Do they taste better?

Yes. Yes they do. As the Internets' toppest sandwich bloggist, I am ready to make the call. Many years ago, I began a study wherein I would eat the unwanted sandwiches of other people's catered lunches. If you work in an office, which I highly recommend as it is awesome, you will find that people frequently gather together in rooms to talk about things relevant to the business. These gatherings are called " meetings ," and they vary in length. Occasionally, these meetings last so long as to necessitate a catered lunch. In such cases, the person ordering the catering must order at least as many sandwiches as there are meeting attendees, as it's always better to have too many sandwiches than not enough. Indeed, the sandwich-orderer is expected to request far more sandies than will be needed, just in case a bunch of extra people unexpectedly show up at the meeting. Here's where I come in. At some point, all the meeting's attendees will have been fed, leavi