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A review: Starbucks’ Black Forest and Ham Breakfast Sandwich

Come this fall, Starbucks will no longer offer breakfast sandwiches. Apparently, people care . I’m reassured that others feel as passionately about sandwiches as I do. Due to a glut of Starbucks gift cards, I’ve been forced to spend unprecedented amounts of time in the venerable Seattle-based coffee chain’s many locations, a slave to plastic-enabled freeness. These were the circumstances as I opted to eat at Starbucks instead of Queens’ famed Redwood Deli , which was next door. Making the incorrect but affordable choice, I decided to make the best of things by trying a soon-to-be-extinct Starbucks breakfast sandwich. Eying the pastry case offerings, I opted for the “oven toasted and delicious” Black Forest and Ham Breakfast Sandwich for $2.95 plus tax (more importantly, free with gift card). Overall, the sandwich disappointed me, but it wasn’t without its positive points. To wit: The barista/sandwich artist was polite and and served the thing on a proper white plate — two things I hav