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God bless God Bless Deli

We’ve relocated to the Sandwich Capital of the World™. Unfortunately, It’s What’s Between’s entire staff quit or died en route, so now it’s just me running things again, Alex the editor. So no more using the editorial — I’ve relocated to NYC (yes, Brooklyn and Queens are part of New York City; as for Staten Island and the Bronx, I’ll let the Wu-Tang Clan and KRS-One explain) and am eating lots of unreviewed sandies. You surely don’t have lots of questions, but I’ll go ahead and answer the ones I expect you’d be asking if you were to ask questions. Q : Are the sandies really better out East? A : Yes. Boar’s Head meat is readily available, and a sandy fan needn’t to walk far to find a bodega slinging quality sandies at a reasonable price, regardless of the hour. Q : But what about the pizza? A : What about it? This is a sandwich blog, twit. But yes, the pizza is incredible, and a welcome diversion within a nearly all-sandwich diet. Q : … OK, I’m sick of answering your inane questio