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God bless God Bless Deli

We’ve relocated to the Sandwich Capital of the World™. Unfortunately, It’s What’s Between’s entire staff quit or died en route, so now it’s just me running things again, Alex the editor.

So no more using the editorialI’ve relocated to NYC (yes, Brooklyn and Queens are part of New York City; as for Staten Island and the Bronx, I’ll let the Wu-Tang Clan and KRS-One explain) and am eating lots of unreviewed sandies. You surely don’t have lots of questions, but I’ll go ahead and answer the ones I expect you’d be asking if you were to ask questions.
Q: Are the sandies really better out East?
A: Yes. Boar’s Head meat is readily available, and a sandy fan needn’t to walk far to find a bodega slinging quality sandies at a reasonable price, regardless of the hour.

Q: But what about the pizza?
A: What about it? This is a sandwich blog, twit. But yes, the pizza is incredible, and a welcome diversion within a nearly all-sandwich diet.

Q: …OK, I’m sick of answering your inane questions, so I’ll get t…