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The pickle should not be the highlight

After a sandwich-eating hiatus, I'm back to eating several per week. It seems the sandyblog is back in business. I used the sandyblog to justify ordering the most expensive sandwich I've had in recent memory. It came from Obrycki's , a crab-themed chain I encountered at Baltimore/Washington International Airport en route to Hartford. They brag of their spices, which they say are different from the usual ones you find in any old Baltimore crab haunt. Intrigued, I opted for what appeared to be their most representative offering: Obrycki's "famous backfin crab cake" sandwich. It came as a ball of spiced crab meat and stuffing and spices on a toasted kaiser roll. On the side were a slice of tomato, some lettuce, a pickle and a pile of regular Utz potato chips . I ordered a pint of Clay Pipe Backfin Pale Ale from Westminster, Md. to wash it all down. I didn't like it as much as Doggie Style or other Colorado micro pale ales, but it had plenty of flavor an