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Food delievery vehicles, and some more bacon talk

Yesterday, I worked from home, which afforded me ample time to cook a proper breakfast. Never do I allow myself to both eat and commute, so this was a rare treat. I decided on a bacon sandwich. My tastes run in phases, where I'll crave something specific for about six weeks, then move to another food item. Common phases include hot dogs and waffles. Currently, I crave bacon . A bacon sandwich is essentially buttered, toasted bread as a bacon delivery vehicle (BDV). If you're not familiar with the delivery vehicle food system, let me explain. A DV is a foodstuff that exists to carry an especially delicio us foodstuff that's not traditionally eaten alone into your gullet. The perfect example is celery. Alone, celery is crap. It supposedly has negative calories, which in my mind disqualifies it as a legitimate food. But when filled with cream cheese and amply salted, a half-stalk of celery becomes a wonderful thing: a salty cream cheese delivery vehicle. Some of you may be of