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Eastern District: Quality sandies from the northern district

Good cheese, good meat, good bread, good condiments. That is winning in its truest sense. A bit of history, first. The have good prosciutto here, which is a hammy meat I've come to enjoy a great deal. The first time I encountered prosciutto was at a fancy pizza place in Denver. I ordered it with the pronunciation "pro-SQUEE-toe" and was harshly corrected by the waitress. I never said it like that again. But I do refuse to over-pronounce it like Giada De Laurentiis . I maintain that it's "pro-SHOOT-oh" and that any Italiany flair above and beyond that sounds pretentious. As much as I loath 'mericanism , I maintain that it's our right, nay duty , to 'mericanize non-English words. I'll allow that homage is pronounced "oh-MAAge;" I'd hope you'd allow the courtesy that guacamole is "guak-a-MOLE-ee." Anyway, if you want an excellent sandwich made from high-grade cheese and meat, you can find one at Eastern District

A new post parce qu'il faut que

It seems like months since I've updated the old Sandyblog, so let's have at it, eh? Have I had some wonderful sandwiches since our last post? Most definitely yes. I've spent a lot of time in Philly, meaning I've eaten lots of cheesesteaks. Did you know? In Philadelphia, one must eat at least one cheesesteak per month, lest they be excommunicated. William Penn said that once, and it was seconded by Benjamin Franklin -- hence the italics. Italics aside, this "law" remains true to this day. Although not formally enforced by the official police, local Philadelphians will sense your disloyalty if you stop eating cheesesteaks and physically eject you from the region, most likely depositing you in New Jersey. Protip: One can fool Philadelphians by eating 400% of one's normal intake of cream cheese. Locals may at first suspect you, but will probably leave you alone if you give off a powerful cream cheesy aroma. The point? There is none. I've eaten