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Lost winter wear leads to disappointing sandwich experience

I'm finding that weather affects my sandwich choices more than any other factor. How else to explain my having eaten the majority of my lunches at the diner next door for the last month? Rather than bundling up for the long trek across the street , I've instead opted for the grilled cheese or BLT at Friends at nearly every opportunity. My thought process is this: I am cold. Where is the closest place to get warm food? The vending machine? No. Friends? Yes, sold. Being scarfless, that changed today. Somewhere amid the weekend's holiday shop-a-thon, my scarf disappeared. Too much putting it on and taking it off transitioning from chilly streets to crowded he ll-box stores, it seems. So, when it came time for lunch, I agreed to make the trek to Subway since the sidewalk-based low quality goods dealer was on the way. I think of him like if Walmart was just one guy with a table's worth of merchandise. His wears span all manner of assorted Chinese-exported what-have-you.