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Review: Pierre Pizza Parlor Sandwich

Happy Hanukkah! Sated from today's Free Sandwich dinner, I'm ready to blog. Gas station sandwich reviews were a big part of this blog's early days, long before the tragic intern incident of '08 and It's What's Between's subsequent Icarus -like skyrocket to superblogdom (pending). I don't eat many gas station sandies anymore, namely because I don't own a car and therefore rarely require gasoline. But I noticed one of my local bodegas sells a sandwich equivalent -- frozen microwavable sammies for the cheap and incredibly lazy. There's little justification for buying them because generally, another bodega on the same block will sell a proper, freshly made Boar's Head sandwich for a buck or two more. But a pizza sandwich caught my eye the other night. I considered my lack of motivation to cook and, while wondering what a pizza sandwich is, bought the thing and zapped and ate it. What follows is the result. The term "pizza sandwich&quo

Back to your regularly scheduled programming

So I wrote the novel. According to , that makes me a winner. Indeed, I won at the game of spending all my free time in November writing about a dude working in a movie theater, and it feels ... well, I hesitate to say good , but it feels better than bad. Despite reading the rules and knowing better, I was hoping my victory would bring me some kind of sweet prize. At the very least I was hoping for a copy of Madden '10 for Xbox 360. Instead, I received an image file, and a tiny .png at that. I prefer .jpgs, frankly. But enough griping -- I went into this thing with open eyes, and I can't say I regret doing it. Since I won this major award , I might as well display it. There it is. Aligned right because it looks better over there. You may be wondering whether my 50,000 words of frantic literary spew included a lot of sandwich content, and it's a great question. The answer is no, although there is excessive description of the protagonist eating a sandwich at a