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Staying on top of things (also, curse you, iPad)

I am not an early adopter. I thought the iPod was stupid only to become beholden to it years later. I've gone through this with a wide range of techy things, from foursquare to twitter to cell phones. So here I sit, broken-hearted and without an iPad. I ridiculed the thing in my mind, deeming it a pointless,  overgrown iPod. Thankfully, I have friends to show me the error of my ways. Of note, @MHJohnston has shown me -- in a matter of minutes -- why I need an iPad. Will I actually buy an iPad? No. I can't. But damn if I don't want to. Mr. Morgan showed me the ways it turns your Facebook and Twitter feeds into perfectly laid out magazines, and now this ... he unveils the sandwich app. You can now access the Amazing Sandwiches app on your iPad, which basically conjures up photos of incredible sandwiches and dares you to make better ones. I didn't need this, Steve Jobs. I reluctantly acquired your iPod, then your MacBook, and now? I'm hooked, OK? I'm

Catching up

Thank you to everyone who has continued to check in and send me sandwich news while I take a break from the blog to devote my downtime elsewhere. I've received an amazing number of sandwich links from friends of the blog, and I'm working my way though them now. The most urgent update is New York mag's Dream Come True sweepstakes , due to three-way combination of people's suggestions, my tardiness and the sweepstakes' awesomeness. Sandyfriends Trisha and Stu both tipped me off, as did others whose emails are unfindable. Win the thing and you'll get a sandwich a day for a year. I have a lot of dreams I'd like to come true, but I won't deny that daily sandwiches rank highly on the list. The entry cost for the drawing is looking at NYC's 101 best sandwiches (according to New York magazine). I'm a fan of their Grub Street section, and also stumbled on this impressively definitive list. I'm also ashamed to say they're leading the NY sand