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Celebrating National Sandwich Month

Until my friend Vanessa alerted me, I was oblivious to the fact that it's National Sandwich Month . I don't know what to do with this information, but clearly I need to step up my game if I'm missing such grand sandwich-occasions. CNN claims  First century B.C Rabbi Hillel the Elder invented the sandwich using matzoh on Passover. In my defense, August is also Audio Appreciation Month, American Adventures Month, Happiness Happens Month among other, less alliterative things, such as National Goat Cheese Month, National Psoriasis Awareness Month and What Will Be Your Legacy Month. Weirdly, August's wiki page notes that it's specifically National Panini Month with no mention of it being National Sandwich Month in general. Nor does it explain who's making these declarations. On whose authority did August become Win with Civility Month? If monthly designations can be assigned so freely, then I also deem August to be National Arbitrarily Assign a Theme to a M

Pork: Ranked #1 among meats

Yesterday Serious Eats ran a list of 25 pork sandwiches they love in NYC. I'm sad to say I've never been to any of these places, so it looks like it's time to start working my way down the list. I thought I'd been to Tasty Dumpling, but I was confusing it with Excellent Pork Chop House . Can anyone think of some NYC pork sandwiches that are missing? I would add anything with pate or soppressata that Eastern District in Greenpoint serves up. Via Serious Eats : Fresh Pork Slow Roasted Pork at Rucola in Cobble Hill Pork and Cabbage Pancake at Tasty Dumpling The Pig and the Goat at the Bodega BBQ Pulled Pork Panino from Indian Road Cafe Macho Man or Woman from Court Street Grocers Poblano Cemita at Cascabel Taqueria Pan Con Lechon at Coppelia Cubano at the Morningside Heights Havana Central Pernil with a Twist at Sophie's Cuban Pierna Torta at De Mole Pork Bracciole from Zito's Sandwich Shoppe Gyro at BZ Grill Cured Pork Spicy Capicola fro