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It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

If you know me personally then you may know that I've spent a sizable amount of time professionally editing and uploading photographs of cake. Its not often that I get to do so for leisure, so its with great joy that I present to you: the peanut butter and jelly sandwich cake. This beauty is in fact a cake, but it's also rightly a sandwich. You might call it a mash-up of food genres — a dessert sandy. A cakewich (not to be confused with The Broodwich ). The cake was thoughtfully prepared by some loved ones one spring weekend. I can't think of a more appropriate cake given my studies in the field of sandwiching and friend-of-the-blog Lauren's PB&J'expertise. Eating a slice of the sandwich wasn't much different from eating a normal PB&J. It was more decadent and tasty than its common inspiration, but it felt to me more like eating lunch than dessert. This made it too easy to justify eating a leftover slice for dinner, thinking "there's nothin

McCriollo: The Puerto Rican Egg McMuffin

36 drafted, unpublished posts and and half a year down ... it's time to start posting again. Let's start simple, with breakfast sandwiches and cultural differences. Last weekend, I went to Puerto Rico on a work trip, and had breakfast at the airport's McDonald's on my way back home . I really wanted an EggMcMuffin -- a favorite I haven't had in a long time. Yet the #1 combo on the menu offered only the mysterious "McCriollo," and there were no English Muffin sandwiches to be found. Apparently the advantages gained by the English muffin's nooks and crannies are under appreciated in the island of enchantment. Undeterred, I took the opportunity to find out what San Juan had to offer in the spongy anglo-muffin's stead. The McCriollo turned out to be about the same as an EggMcMuffin except on a decent chewy/crispy split bun. The name translates to "McCreole," which may make more sense in Puerto Rico, but sounded like wishful marketing to