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The BLT: What's not to like?

What a sandwich. Every component is crunchy, assuming the bacon was cooked enough and the tomatoes aren't too ripe. It's only one of two sandwiches where bacon is the star, the other being the bacon sandwich (A breakfast sandwich, popular in the Headrick household during the 80s and 90s, comprised of bacon and hot buttered toast. Apparently, Brits call this a "bacon butty."). It's the only sandwich I can think of that's an acronym, and allows for fun variations, such as the BLAT , which adds avocado, from New Mexico's Owl Cafe. If I could think of appetizing ingredients starting with U and R, I would invent a BLURT sandwich. The inclusion of lettuce and tomato in the title is an anomaly that I've given some thought to. Perhaps it's a way of showing some love to a pair of sandy fillings that are too-often taken for granted. I mean, there's a ham and cheese, but no HCLT, even though a ham and cheese often includes lettuce and tomato. I think t